Friday, September 23, 2011

Fifth Grade GVC- Global Virtual Classroom

Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) 2011-2012

Dear Parents of Fifth Grade Students,

The Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) is a collection of free, online educational activities and resources. It aims to complement the efforts of governments and educators around the world to integrate technology into their classrooms and curricula and to link their schools to the Internet in educationally productive ways.
The GVC vision is to empower, enable and connect students around the world using Internet technology. It provides students with a stimulating, positive and enjoyable environment along with the opportunity to develop skills that are essential in the 21st century: cross-cultural communication, collaboration through teamwork, information technology and website design.

More information is available at
The GVC Program at Lincoln School is open to ALL fifth grade students. It will take place during the lunch hour (11-12 noon) one day a week for each homeroom and take place in the computer lab. Students will come to GVC the first half of lunch and can return after they finish eating their lunch. I will be offering GVC on multiple days during the week, as I know that some students have other commitments during the lunch hour.

Please complete the online form below or by visiting
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This is the ninth year that I have offered the GVC Program at lunch for the fifth grade students at Lincoln. My hope is that many students (if not all) will sign up for this outstanding program. I am excited that we will be working with two international schools this year.

Please visit our Lincoln Tech Club blog to learn more about GVC and technology at Lincoln.


Matthew Kuntz
GVC Coordinator