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 Free Rice Website (do the English vocabulary section)

This where we will post your Wordle creations on how you spent your summer vacation.  To start with, here is mine.
Mr. K

 We will also be spending time the first week of school creating your NEW avatar that you will be using for your online identity.  This will keep you safe when posting work for various projects on our blogs and websites.  We will be using a website called Build Your Wild Self to create your avatar.  Here is a sample avatar that my son Alex put together, as you can see it is quite cool!

After you build your WILD SELF, click on the link below to go to the Voicethread page on What You Did This Summer.
Summer Voicethread

Check out our Summer Voicethread

Created by Hand
Our first project of the year will be Created By Hand
In our technologically rich society, we sometimes forget the marvels that can be created with human hands. 'Handmade' is typically thought to be of higher quality. Why is that, do you think?
What ideas do you have? You can snap pictures, tell about the hand work, take a video... The possibilities are endless! Be sure any images found while researching are with permission of the photographer or PD [public domain] or can be published under a CC [Creative Commons] license. For more information about CC, click here. Janet Barnstable