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Lincoln Tech Club SPRING Projects

Frame Animation Projects using Pencil

We will be working with a school in Israel on a project about Spring.  Click here to view the project.  You can create a Pixie, write a poem, create a podcast about Spring, take pictures or a video about Spring, create a Scratch game about Spring...the list is endless.  Make sure to save in the GVC folder called SPRING!

Read about our latest project to help others around the world!
Cranes for Kids: Giving Hope to the Children of Japan
In Japanese culture, cranes are a powerful symbol of health and well-wishes. In fact, the Japanese people believe that anyone who makes 1,000 origami cranes will have a wish granted. While we can’t grant every wish, we can make a difference.
Through April 25, we’ll be collecting the paper cranes that you and your children create and sending them to our OshKosh stores in Japan to show them the support and caring of their friends in the United States. OshKosh will donate up to 50,000 articles of clothing.
Please help the children of Japan by spreading the word!
Download EASY Origami Instructions

Download ADVANCED Origami Instructions

Video on how to make an EASY paper crane.

Video on how to make a very detailed paper crane.

Created by Hand
Our first project of the year will be Created By Hand
In our technologically rich society, we sometimes forget the marvels that can be created with human hands. 'Handmade' is typically thought to be of higher quality. Why is that, do you think?
What ideas do you have? You can snap pictures, tell about the hand work, take a video... The possibilities are endless! Be sure any images found while researching are with permission of the photographer or PD [public domain] or can be published under a CC [Creative Commons] license. For more information about CC, click here. Janet Barnstable

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Around the World with 80 Schools (AW80S) is a new initiative for us.  Our goal is to have 80 Skype conversations with students from around the world.  Some of these conversations will be linked to major learning projects we will join.  Others will be simple meet-and-greet activities.  Regardless, our students will have many opportunities to experience learning and communicating with many dozens of students from around the world.

Our Skype Partners

  1. Harrison Elementary School, Warsaw, Indiana
  2. Ein Ganim School, Petach Tikva, Israel
  3. Island Village Montessori School, Venice, Florida
  4. Doverwood Public School, Port Dover, Ontario Canada
  5. American Institute of Monterrey, Mexico

Holocaust Blogs
Check out Ellen's Holocaust Blog at

Check out Kate and Miyumi's Holocaust Blog. The fifth grade reading students will be contributing projects to this blog- make sure to check back frequently for updates.

We will be working collaboratively with the Ein Ganim School in Petach Tivka, Israel on the Holocaust Project. Check out their website at

Lincoln's Fifth Grade Holocaust Web Page

The Fifth Graders will be watching the movie Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo and creating projects about the Holocaust. Several students created movie tickets for the show.

Click here to view the movie Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo

Students will also be writing letters to the directors of Safe Haven- Richard and Gary Lester. Check out the film's website at

Hannah's Safe Haven admit one

Hannah's warsaw ghetto vs. warsaw zoo

Holocaust Wordle by Anna





Hearts for Croiata Project

Link to

In the world of fairy tales of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic

Photos of Project

Hello, this is the new Lincoln 5th grade Tech Club. We have already started our first project, we are creating gingerbread hearts for the children in Croatia. Here is a description of our project.

This year’s theme is “Gingerbread Heart” inspired by Ivana’s story “Licitarsko srce”
(traditional gingerbread heart)
By giving a licitarsko srce (traditional gingerbread heart) to your loved ones, you pass
on the warmth and love.

Honey dough in the shape of a heart, bright red in colour is decorated by a rich
flourish of bright colours form the licitarsko srce (traditional gingerbread heart).

The tradition of making licitarsko srce (traditional gingerbread heart) dates back to
the 16th and 17th century when cakes were made with the aid of richly decorated
wooden moulds in numerous European monasteries.

From ancient times, the original intention of licitarsko srce (traditional gingerbread
heart) was in giving it as a gift to your loved ones, whereby loved ones were given
the warm and telling gift (licitarsko srce -licitar) on special occasions.

According to the tradition of giving licitarsko srce (traditional gingerbread heart),
which has been retained to the present day, express your love, attention and fancy
to those you love and respect most, for all values that make this world a better place
for everyone.

Here is an example of my gingerbread heart!

Paul and Alexi