Kids Blogging Day 2012

 Kids Blogging Day 2012
Mr. K's Reading Students 12 of Something...

12.12.12 A Special Blogging Day for Students Around the World OUR FAVORITE QUOTES (some from books) by Nora and Eva

1-“Yes, I would love to name our salad fork, because it is a Kilter salad fork, and is so very different from ordinary salad forks.” I chose this because it’s just so funny, mostly because they are talking in code. They are naming an alliance.
 2- “Tea should be as bitter as wormwood and as sharp as a two-edged sword.” I selected this quote because it is simple and clear.
3-“And we sit there, on the edge of the dock, and we fill the ocean for a while” I like this because as you think of them, sitting on the dock crying, it’s so emotional.
 4-“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I like this quote because it makes you want to do something—big.
 5-“You were your mother’s treasure” This shows the connection between a mother and daughter, even if the mother is dead and the daughter doesn’t remember her.
 6-“In dreams, we enter a world entirely our own.” I chose this quote because it is true.
7-“Though murder is definitely the worst thing a kid could do, in her mind lying isn’t far from that.” This is saying that everything we do wrong, even the little things, is a crime, even if we don’t think so.
8-“Rules and school are tools for fools. I don’t give two mules for rules.” I like this quote because, as is 6, it is true.
9-“You make fun a’ me now, but someday I’ll be your boss.” A summary, in a nutshell, of what happens to bullies.
10- “P.S.- I enjoy pops.” I enjoy this quote because it makes no sense.
 11- “And she was not in the pretty coach drawn by magical pink ponies you might expect, but a white minivan” This shows that no one is really perfect.
12- “Never, never, never give up.” I like this quote because it is good advice for life.

12 Favorite Books by Stella and Magnolia
 1. Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling.  Why: Harry Potter is a good series if you like big books.  Despite the size they are good books and they are truly adventurous.
2. Mother-Daughter Bookclub by Heather Vogel Fredrick.  Why: It is a good book.
3. 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass.  Why:  It is a very surprising book about friendship, once you get to the middle you are probably wondering, ‘When will they fix the problem’.
4. Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea.  Why: It has all the qualities of a good book.
5. Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel.  Why: It is a good book teaching you about persevering.
6. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.  Why: It is a very funny book about Bilbo Baggins and his Unexpected Journey.
7. The Familiars by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson.  Why: It is a good story about magic and the power of friendship.
8. The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff.  Why: It is a good book about how everyone is the same.
9. Heat by Mike Lupica.  Why: It is a good book about baseball.
10. Children of the Fire by Harriet Robinet.  Why: It is a good book about The Great Chicago Fire.
11. Skull of Truth by Bruce Coville.  Why: It is a book about honesty and the price of friendship.
12. 12 Finally by Wendy Mass.  Why: 12 Finally is a good book because it is funny how all the bad stuff happens to her.

12 Favorite Pro Soccer Teams!!!
1. Manchester United
2. West Ham United
3. Juventus F.C.
4. F.C Barcelona  
5. Real Madrid
6. Arsenal 
7. Manchester City
8. Chicago Fire
10. A.C milan
11. England
12. Spain
 We like Manchester united because they have won the Barclays Premier league 19 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We like west ham because Paul used to live near their stadium.
We like Juventes because are dads’  company sponsors them.
We like F.C. Barcolona because they are the best team in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We like Real Madrid because they are in of the top two teams in the LFP
We like Arsonal because they are one of the top teams in the Barclays Premier league.     

12 Favorite Rock Bands
By Armando & Ethan

1.           Led Zeppelin because they had a good beat and stuck together.
2.          AC/DC because they had a really good history in there concerts also “Thunderstruck” is awesome.
3.          Beatles because some of the best songs are by them.
4.          KISS because they have a really good makeup and the play BOSS music.
5.          Rolling Stones because they have classic songs.
6.           Black Sabbath because they play good music like “Paranoid” and “Iron Man.”
7.          Aerosmith because they are a nice and friendly group and their music RULES!!!!!!
8.          Metallica because there Metallica why wouldn’t you like them!
9.          Jimi Hendrix Experience because their music is groovy!
10.       Van Halen because they have the most awesome songs ever like “Jump.”
11.        Yardbirds because they songs with great beats.
12.       Guns ‘n’ Roses because their best songs are some of the best like “Paradise City.”
2012 Blogging Day
12 things we would do with $12,000,000
By Sarah and Cleo
1. We would go and meet One Direction and get front row tickets to their concert because we like them.
2. We would travel all around the world because we like to see different things that different cultures have.
3.  Go on a Caribbean cruise because it looks cool and relaxing.
4. Go on a huge shopping spree because we like shopping.
5. Buy an Apple store and not sell anything just keeping everything to ourselves because we like Apple.
6. We would get our own mansion right next to One Direction’s.
7. We would meet the Harry Potter movie cast.
8. We would meet Taylor Swift.
9. We would buy every BABY LIPS LIP BALM.
10. We would get One Direction’s autograph.
11. We would go to the White House and meet the Obamas.
12. We would make Mitter (Mr. Kuntz) our teacher full time every day.

2012 Kids Blogging Day
12 things I would do with 12,000,000
1)    I would buy a mansion in the richest area of California, because the houses there are huge
2)    I would buy a Bugatti Veron, because it’s an awesome car
3)    I would buy a private jet, so I don’t have to pay for plane tickets
4)    I would buy tickets for every game of the 2014 World Cup, because I like soccer
5)    I would buy every Apple ™ product ever made, because I like technology
6)    I would buy my own Chain of amusment parks, because I like to have fun
7)    I would pay to go to Princeton, because I want a good education
8)    I would buy sky box tickets to the Super Bowl, because I like football
9)    I would buy Uncle Kenny’s saxophone, because I play the saxophone
10)  I would buy four go-carts, because I like to race
11) I would buy a cruise ship,  because it’ relaxing
12)  I would buy a yacht, because it’s relaxing

My 12 favorite video games

1)    Call of duty black ops 2
2)    Fifa 12
3)    Nhl 2k12
4)    Gaers of war 3
5)    Batman gotham city
6)    Gta iii
7)    Need for speed
8)    Rockband 2
9)    Rockband 3
10)           Mario cart
11)           Mlb 2k7
12)           Dj hero

2012 Kids Blogging Day
12 of my favorite restaurants
1. My first favorite movie Is the Cove™ because they have good fish
2. My second favorite restaurant is Potbelly™ because they have fresh made sandwiches.
3. My third favorite restaurant is Penny’s™ noodle shop because they have warm meaty noodles.
4. My fourth favorite restaurant is Bouna™ beef because they have good service.
5. My fifth favorite restaurant is Skrine Chops™ because they have good chops.
6. My sixth favorite restaurant is the Sushi House™ because they have good seating.
7. My seventh favorite restaurant is Duck Fat™ becase they have amazing dips.
8. My eighth favorite restaurant is Breakers™ burgers because they have good burgers.
9. My ninth favorite restaurant is Mama Thai™ because they have good pot stickers.
10. My tenth favorite restaurant is Labella™ pizza because they have large crust.
11. My eleventh favorite restaurant is Jimmy John’s™ because they have fast delivery.
12. My Twelfth favorite restaurant is Five Guys™ because they have thick cut homemade fries.

 1. LA MAHADA                     WE LIKE THEIR TACOS
2. ALE HOUSE                        ERIN LIKES THEIR MAC AND CHEESE          
4. FLAT TOP                            CLARE LIKES THERE STIRFRY
5.POTBELLY                           ERIN LIKES THEIR SANDWICHES
8.JIMMYS                                  ERIN LIKES EVERYTHING AT JIMMYS
9.PENNY’S                                ERIN LIKES THAI FOOD
10.BODI                                    CLARE ALSO LIKES THAI FOOD
Evie and Macey’s 12 Hobbies

Evie: I love to sing because it lets me express my feelings.
Dancing because it lets me express my feelings through movement. 
Volunteering because I love to help people and animals. 
Hanging out with my friends because my friends make me feel happy.   
Relaxing  because it lets me cool down.
And walking my dogs because it gives both me and my dogs some exercise.
Macey: I love to play games because I usually have nothing to do.
I like to play with my dog because she is fun.
I also like to play in snow because it is very fun.
I love to go on trips because I miss school J.
I also like watching TV because it is something to do.
I like to eat too, because I am a very hungry child ;).

         Kyle   2012 Blogging day
                  My 12 favorite things
1.     Playing soccer. I like playing soccer because it gives me fresh air and I can socialize with friends.
2.     Gaming with friends. I like gaming with friends because we can work together to get to higher levels. We can also trade items.
3.     I like going to school. I like going to school because I learn new things and talk with friends.
5.     I like playing “Killer Bunnies” with my family. I like playing “Killer Bunnies” with my family because we can laugh and tease each other.
6.     Building Lego sets. I like building Lego sets because it lets me express my creativity.
7.     Having sleep-overs. I like having and sleep-overs because me and my friends can play longer.
8.      I like building Lego mindstorms (different form normal Lego sets). I like building mindstorms because I get to program it.
9.     Making avatars. I like making avatars because I can make silly and normal avatars.
10.                        Working at the organization “ Feed My Starving Children”. I like working there because I know I’m helping someone who is starving.
11.                        I like walking my dog.  I like walking my dog because I can think about things.
12.                        I like having pillow fights. I like having pillow fights because I can goof around.
What Lauryn and Aja would do with $12,000,000
·      Buy a mansion
·      Buy a spa
·      Buy an indoor swimming pool
·      Donate some
·      Buy a maid
·      Start a restaurant
·      Buy a home theater
·      Buy a recliner
·      Buy a walk-in closet
·      Buy shoes
·      Buy a puppy farm
Buy a beach house

Lauryn and Aja’s favorite restaurants
·      McDonalds
·      Portillo’s
·      Subway
·      Jimmy John’s
·      Panda express
·      Lou Malnatis
·      Pepe’s
·      J & J fish
·      Sharks
·      Culvers
·      Tasty Dog
·      Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins
We like McDonalds because they have really good smoothies.
We like Portillo’s because they have really burgers.
We like Jimmy John’s, and Subway because they have really good sandwiches.
Panda express has really good Chinese food.
Oh and Lou Malnatis has really good deep dish pizza.
Pepe’s has really good Mexican food like Taco’s.
J & J fish, and Sharks are our favorite because they have good fish and chicken.
Culvers has really good custard and butter burgers.
Tasty Dog is on our favorite list because they have really good hot dogs.
Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins is on our favorite list because they have good donuts and ice cream.
·     Today is a special day for students around the world. My favorite books are,
·     The Alchemist, because I like thinking about science creating magic.
·      Moby Dick, because I like people thinking that they can kill a gigantic whale with just a harpoon
·      2000 Leagues Under the Sea, because I like Captain Nemo because he had the first submarine.
·      Frankenstein, because I like it when He creates Frankenstein and says “He’s alive.
·     War of the Worlds, because I like the part when the aliens die. Not because of firepower but because of the different bacteria that their bodies weren’t use to.
·     Around the World in 80 Days, because the idea of traveling around the world in 80 days is just mind-blowing.
·     Percy Jackson, The last Olympian, because I have always been interested in Greek Mythology.
·     The Little Love Bug, because my mom got it for me when I was young.
·     The Harry Potter series, because I like magic.
·     Oliver Twist, because I like the plot of events.
·     The Hunger Games because I like the characters and the idea.

My 12 favorite video games

1.      Minecraft
2.      Call of Duty 2
3.      Medal of Honor: Rising Sun 
4.      Metassault
5.      Lego Star Wars II: The Original Saga
6.      Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
7.      Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific
8.      Harry Potter 6: The Game
9.      Call of Duty: Finest Hour
10.  Tiger Wood PGA Tour 12
11.  Pac Man World 2
12.  Boitcon (a old game)
My 12 Favorite Things
1.       Mincraft
2.     Youtube
3.     iPads
4.     Jetpack Joyride
5.     Christmas
6.    Christmas presents
7.     AntVenom
8.    The Aether
9.    Jacked up pancakes (huh?)
10.  Urby Scrurb (double huh?)
11.    The Hunger Games
12.   Pewdiepie
Top 12 things I’d do with $12,000,000 By: Rufus

1. Get a mansion (Who wouldn’t want one?)
2. Get an Xbox 360 (Because EVERYONE has one)
3. Get an IPOD 4S (face reality kid. We’ll all have one soon enough)
4. Get a gold mine (For $$$)
5. Win as many lotteries as I want (Still, $$$)
6. Get a time machine (Master of time!)
7. Create another world (But what should I call it? It’s still awesome.)
8. Go to Venice, Italy (Always wanted to.)
9. Get a Jetpack (No reason, just want one.)
10. Buy some food, not a lot (I’ll get hungry soon enough)
11. Buy some video games (I don’t know, just want to have fun.)
 12. Get another $12,000,000(And go on and on and on…)
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  1. 1.My favorite move is Zoo Keeper.
    2.My favorite toy is Monster High dolls.
    3.My favorite subject in school is reading.
    4.My favorite color is blue and green.
    5.My favorite holiday is Christmas.
    6.My favorite people are my mom's.
    7.My favorite season is fall.
    8.My favorite food is wheels and cheese.
    9.My favorite T.V. show is JESSIE.
    10.My favorite place is Benyhona.
    11.My favorite animals are pandas and monkeys
    12.My favorite planet is Pluto.

  2. 1. My favorite move is spirit.
    2.My favorite toy is My Justin Bieber doll.
    3.My favorite subject in school is P.E.
    4.My favprite color is black and purple.
    5.My favorite holiday is Christmas.
    6.My favorite people are my family.
    7.My favorite season is winter.
    8.My favorite food is potatoes and chicken
    9.My favorite T.V. show is I.Carly.
    10.My favorite place is Disneyland.
    11.Favorite animal horse and dog.
    12.Favorite planet Earth.

  3. Hi Nora and Eva,

    Thank you for participating in my #Blog121212 Project. I enjoyed reading your post of 12 favorite quotes and 12 favorite books. One of your quotes is also a favorite of mine - “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And I like the reason you stated. Your book list gives me some ideas for reading I can do over my Christmas holiday. Reading is one of my favorite past times and I'm always glad to get recommendations from others.

    Happy Holidays to you.

    Ms. Paula L. Naugle
    4th Grade Teacher
    New Orleans, Louisiana