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Fifth Grade GVC- Global Virtual Classroom
Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) 2011-2012

Dear Parents of Fifth Grade Students,

The Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) is a collection of free, online educational activities and resources. It aims to complement the efforts of governments and educators around the world to integrate technology into their classrooms and curricula and to link their schools to the Internet in educationally productive ways.
The GVC vision is to empower, enable and connect students around the world using Internet technology. It provides students with a stimulating, positive and enjoyable environment along with the opportunity to develop skills that are essential in the 21st century: cross-cultural communication, collaboration through teamwork, information technology and website design.

More information is available at
The GVC Program at Lincoln School is open to ALL fifth grade students. It will take place during the lunch hour (11-12 noon) one day a week for each homeroom and take place in the computer lab. Students will come to GVC the first half of lunch and can return after they finish eating their lunch. I will be offering GVC on multiple days during the week, as I know that some students have other commitments during the lunch hour.

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This is the ninth year that I have offered the GVC Program at lunch for the fifth grade students at Lincoln. My hope is that many students (if not all) will sign up for this outstanding program. I am excited that we will be working with two international schools this year.

Please visit our Lincoln Tech Club blog to learn more about GVC and technology at Lincoln.


Matthew Kuntz
GVC Coordinator

2010 GVC10-04 Project
Over 60 fifth grade students participated in the Global Virtual Classroom (GVC)Project this year during their lunch hour. The fifth graders had the opportunity to work collaboratively with students from New Delhi, India and the Czech Republic during the 6 month project. Together they created a website called The Art of Living. Please see their outstanding work at
The GVC is coordinated by Mr. Kuntz.

Welcome to the 2010-2011 Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) Contest. This is Lincoln's ninth year in participating in GVC! I am so excited to announce that we will be partnering with schools from the Czech Republic and India this year.  We will be team GVC10-04 (the contest year 2010 and team number 4). 
GVC Team #4 Partner Schools
Teacher: David Hellam  School: Riverside School    Location: Czech Republic

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Teacher: Lakshmi Srinivas  School: St Mark's Public School, Meera Bagh   Location: New Delhi India

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Teacher: Matthew Kuntz  School: Abraham Lincoln ES   Location:  Oak Park, Illinois USA

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GVC End of Year Party 2010

Lincoln School's GVC Awards 2005-2010
 2009 Virtual Classroom Contest
GVC09-05 Third Prize
Imaginary Island
Exceptional Helping Focus
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School Illinois, USA
Island Village Montessori School Florida, USA
Tainain Municipal Haidong Elementary School Taiwan

The School of Kindness
Special Recognition for Helping Focus
2008 Virtual Classroom Contest
Grand Prize Winner
Ein Ganim School Israel
Harrison Elementary School Indiana, USA
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School Illinois, USA

Fairy Tales Around the World

2007 Virtual Classroom Contest

Second Prize
Doverwood Public School Port Dover, Ontario Canada
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School Oak Park, Illinois USA
Yugichuo Elementary School Hachioji City, Tokyo Japan

A Community of Dreamers
Special Recognition for Creativity
2006 Virtual Classroom Contest
Special Merit Award
Ein Ganim Elementary, Petach Tikva Israel
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Oak Park, Illinois USA
Zhi Kai Elementary School, Tainan City Taiwan

2005 Virtual Classroom Second Prize
In the World of Tales
American Institute of Monterrey Mexico
School Number 176 - Novosibirsk Russia
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School USA

Lincoln School's GVC Team is Recognized for Outstanding Website in International Competition 2010

Oak Park Schools - Four Wins in International Web Contest

Global Virtual Classroom Contest (GVC) is a free online collaborative learning project that fosters creativity, cross cultural understanding, helping others, and teaches IT and website design skills amongst students working together from around the world.

Sponsored by GSBI [Give Something Back International], the GVC program provides an opportunity for primary and secondary school students from different countries to work with and learn from students in other countries, as they collaboratively design a website on a topic of their choosing. Teams are comprised of either three primary or three secondary schools from different countries. A panel of international judges evaluates the final work and determines the winners.

Student efforts are judged for content, presentation, collaboration, and a helping focus. The helping focus was added to encourage students to also demonstrate achievement of a helpful objective such as personal, social and/or environmental responsibility or support for a worthy cause.

Each division has 3 prize winners and 3 special merit awards.
Oak Park Schools received 4 of these awards in the 2009-2010 contest.

In the primary division [grades 3-7]:
Julian Middle School's 7th graders won 1st prize with the site: Save Earth! Partners from: Olean, New York and New Delhi, India. Teacher: Janet Barnstable

Lincoln School's 5th graders won 3rd prize with the site: Imaginary Island. Partners from: Florida, and Taiwan. Lincoln School was also recognized for EXCEPTIONAL Helping Focus for their work in creating the Haiti House Project. Teacher: Matt Kuntz.

Mann School's 4th graders won a special merit award for the site: Animal Stories. Partners from: New York, and Czech Republic. Teacher: Jim Hayward.

In the secondary division [grades 8-12]:
Julian Middle School's 8th graders won 3rd place for the site: Mystical creatures and gods. Partners from: Malaysia and Kenya. Teacher: Janet Barnstable.

These sites and all the winning sites can be viewed by going to

Lincoln Students Help the People of Haiti

The devastating earthquakes in Haiti energized the Lincoln Student Council and the GVC09-05 students into action as they wanted to do something to help. Students came up with the idea of "One Island Community Helping Another" and realized they could help the people of Haiti by making "one house at a time." The students created tiny HAITI HOUSE pins that made a BIG difference.
From their research the students learned that... the people of Haiti live in extreme poverty and their housing situation is in a crisis. Natural disasters, including hurricanes, floods, droughts, and earthquakes have had serious effects on the housing situation as well. The poor live in tents or dilapidated shacks made of cardboard, plastic, tin, or whatever materials can be scavenged from the garbage. These structures barely provide protection against the elements and children frequently fall ill from the appalling conditions. A luxury for these people would be a cement house with solid walls, zinc-sheet roofs that don't leak, doors that lock, and floors that don't turn to mud every time it rains.
Lincoln Student Council Members and Global Virtual Classroom Students [GVC09-05] spent their lunchtime recess creating Haiti House pins. Students then sold these pins at various school functions and raised over $1,050.00 to donate to The American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. The students created and sold over 250 Haiti House pins to help those in need that were devastated by the earthquake.

GVC09-05 Project Finished!

After six months of hard work, the Global Virtual Classroom Project (GVC 09-05) Imaginary Island is finished. For this project we collaborated with schools from Taiwan and Florida. Please click on the link below or the image to the left to see our AWESOME website!



Oak Park District 97 is adopting an orphanage in Haiti

A group of Oak Park District 97 teachers led by Karen Tokarz, the Multicultural Education Department and community members led by former District 97 teacher, Gale Liebman, are part of a collaborative effort committed to supporting and rebuilding the Horizon de L'espoir Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.
The orphanage was destroyed in the terrible earthquake earlier this year. Drs. Mildred Olivier and Serge Pierre-Louis, from Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Hospital in Chicago have been working with Horizon de L’espoir to address the immediate needs of the children and are raising money for temporary housing for the children until the facilities can be rebuilt once the ground is stable.
Our Oak Park Haitian Initiative is enlisting faculty from each of the 10 District 97 schools to help raise funds for these Haitian children over the course of the next two years.
As a kick off to our efforts, there will be station at the 30th Annual Ethnic Festival sponsored by the Multicultural Education Department on Saturday, May 1st at Whittier School, where we will be accepting donations of new and gently used toys and clothing; sealed over the counter medication; and school supplies (see the list below).
Helping Haiti is also helping kids!

Newspaper Article in the Oak Leaves

Supply list:
Television and cd player with dvd and cassetttes
Small table and chairs
blackboard and chalk
Coloring book and crayons
Plastic storage boxes
Play dough
Puzzles and games
Paper and scissors for arts and crafts
Story books and informative books
Flash cards
Plastic cups, plates and silverware
Monetary donations will also be accepted. Checks should be made payable to: AMHE Foundation.


Dr. Serge Pierre-Louis with some of the children.

Dr Olivier is the Haitian woman on the right, the director is in the middle, and the nurse is on the left.

Horizon de L'espoir Orphanage