Sunday, October 3, 2010

International Peace Day and Pinwheels for Peace

Last month the students from Lincoln School in Oak Park celebrated International Peace Day and the Pinwheels for Peace Program.  Both programs celebrate PEACE around the globe and inspire children to create peace in their classrooms, schools, neighborhoods, communities, and the WORLD. At Lincoln we celebrated by creating pinwheels with messages of peace for our friends throughout the world.  Students gathered on the playground to share a peace "filled" celebration with one another. There were an estimated 3.5 million pinwheels spinning around the world this day! Check out the photos from our celebration below:

Lincoln students also participated with students from around the globe in celebrating this important day.  Students had a Skype conversation about PEACE with students from Warsaw, Indiana (the Glass Class from Harrison Elementary School).  Students shared their pinwheels and messages of PEACE with one another.  Check out the photos from our Skype conversation:

Lincoln students also participated with students from Israel in the Globaldreamers PEACE Project.  This global collaborative project was created by teacher Marsha Goren and connects students from all over the world to create peace.
Shalom from Ein Ganim School, Israel

More information about Marsha's Project:

The Consulate General of Israel in Montreal is running a program called "A piece for peace."
 We will be visiting Jewish and non-Jewish schools throughout the city and presenting Gilad Shalit's book "When the Shark and the Fish first met." Then, people who have been afflicted by war and who now dream of peace, will lead the discussion on peace and achieving it. Afterwards, we ask the students who have heard Shalit's story to contribute a piece (of art, literature, poetry, creativity...) to peace. Finally, we will publish their contributions in a beautiful hard cover book.

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  1. Hello to the great kids at Lincoln, I have reading through your blog and am so impressed with everything you do.
    I have been lucky enough to work with Mr. Kuntz for many years now.
    I LOVED seeing you at the Global Conference on line and wish to thank you all warmly for everything you do and keep up the wonderful work.
    Shalom and peace,
    Marsha Goren
    Ein Ganim Israel